Strata has the privilege of partnering with Meta Formation and Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus to offer the Meta Formation suite of workshops.  

What’s the Difference?  

Our foundational course explores the basic workings of the heart, Jesus’ model of change and how to live in a powerful, daily conversation with Jesus at the heart level. Beginning with a 90-minute Taste of Heaven encounter, you’ll experience deep change and inner renovation in the midst of incredible intimacy and approval—from both God and your teammates. Transforming the Heart uses the arts, brain science, learning games, encounters and more to help you experience transformation and learn the tools for transforming others.


Relational transformation is about allowing God to speak to your heart through others. One of the primary ways God builds us and gets our attention is through hearing words of life from the body of Christ. Covering areas like challenging forward instead of con-fronting, speaking to blind spots, healthy feedback, speaking words of life, and more, this course will revolutionize your relationships. From the opening Relationships of Heaven encounter to the amazing intimacy of the follow-up teams, Relating from the Heart will greatly deepen your experience of God through his people.


This course explores the third leg of the three ways God speaks to us: through our life circumstances. Beginning with the amazing Book of Life encounter, we'll explore how everything that happens to us moves us toward our destiny if we engage it according to God’s purposes. Using tools like the calling timeline, we'll dig into your life and find the hand of God all over it, then show how to coach others into finding God in all of life. You'll learn powerful transformational coaching techniques from a master coach who brings God’s perspective to difficult situations.