The Taste of Heaven

A Taste of Heaven
Your MetaFormation experience begins when you are ushered into the "heaven room". A team of 10-15 musicians, intercessors, actors, dancers, and volunteers has spent the day before busily preparing a place just for you. And for the next 90 minutes, your heart will be filled to bursting as you experience the joy and reward that awaits you in eternity. The Taste of Heaven is an experience you'll never forget. This comment from one participant is typical: "It was worth the 3000 mile trip, just for the Taste of Heaven alone."

To create this powerful encounter with Father, Jesus and the Spirit, we interweave biblical imagery with original music, choreography, staging, art and more, to give you a tangible experience of Father's heart toward you. We believe change starts by being filled, so we start all our workshops by filling your deepest desires for love, acceptance, belonging and significance.

What People Are Saying
 Participants come out of this experience deeply impacted. Here are the words of a few of them after the experience:

“How amazing! Heaven is here! Never have I experienced so much significance in 90 minutes. Perfectly executed! Wonderfully blessed!”

“He is better than I ever imagined.”

“I am seeing from Daddy’s eyes and not my own or what people have said about me.”

“I was called back to my core identity and reminded that my desiring God is primary over my doing for God. I saw the love of Jesus on your faces and felt His love through your touch. I experienced honor in a pure and amazing way today, thanks to your obedience. How beautiful is the body of Christ!”

“It was an amazing encounter with the whole heart of God! Heaven did meet earth today in my heart.”

“I didn’t really like myself until I came to this conference… God revealed that the very thing I didn’t love [about myself] he loved about me. Wow! Now with his help in looking at my past he will take me forward into loving who I am…”

“[I found] an entirely new dimension of my relationship with God. I am feeling excited to run with him with areas of my heart, emotion and desire that I would normally ignore or stuff…”