Questions For Jesus Workshop

Building Your Intimacy
Praying your desire is a simple, powerful way to deepen your connection with Jesus, with breakthrough after breakthrough reported by those who use it. The key is learning to ask Jesus to touch your deep desires--the motivations we all share that drive our behavior, for things like love, significance, belonging, recognition, or peace. You'll learn to regularly hear Jesus speak to you in a minute or less when you ask questions like:

  • "Jesus, what do you like most about me today?" [Love]
  • "Why did you choose me to be on your team?" [Belonging]
  • "What would be missing in heaven if I wasn't there?" [Worth]
  • "When you introduce me on heaven's stage, what will you say about me?" [Recognition]

The Questions for Jesus Course is designed to introduce church groups, coaches and ministries to praying their desires. This one-day, in-person event teaches the basics of how the heart works, how to identify your deepest desires and how to create experiential encounters where Jesus fills those desires.

Sessions include:

  • Learning How To Ask Jesus Questions
  • Five Principles of Effective Questions
  • Crafting Desire Prayers
  • How the Heart Works
  • Drilling Down to Identify Desire
  • Touching Jesus' Desire

To register for our upcoming Questions for Jesus workshop click here.  Or contact us to discuss setting up a class for your group.