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Heaven's Perspective

The story of your life is being written down in heaven—and it is way better than how you remember it. Reading heaven’s Book of You could change your life forever. Would you like a sneak peek?

Heaven’s Perspective takes you on a journey with seventeen real people whose most painful stories in life were rewritten by heaven into tales of glory, purpose and redemption. You’ll identify deeply with the raw, authentic humanity in their personal stories. But when you read about the same events from heaven’s book—prepare to be amazed, because heaven is powerful beyond imagining making all things well.

There, time’s limitations are abolished, so the mother whose son died as an infant is there to welcome him to eternity, and he never experiences a day without her. A little-known musician who thought his life was wasted discovers his songs are in constant rotation before the throne, and a man who fights to take off the masks he’s hidden behind is rewarded for setting his family line free for generations. And you’ll meet a Father who ensures our reward by sharing every uncompleted part of our destinies with those around us, so that every word of calling he utters will not return to him empty, but accomplish the purpose for which he sent it. It’s a heaven—and a Jesus—that is far better than you ever imagined!

Heaven’s Perspective brings meaning to suffering and adversity by looking at it from a completely different angle: an unearthly one. Much of what we go through in life makes no sense purely in terms of the here and now. But add eternity to the mix, and what seemed random and purposeless finally makes sense. With heaven’s eyes you’ll spot the unseen connections that tie your destiny to those of others, and look behind the curtain to witness Father’s lifelong plan to grow you up into him unfold step by unerring step. And you’ll find answers to some of the most perplexing questions of life, like why a God almost never answers the question, “Why?”

To live well on earth requires a hope set on heaven. Heaven’s Perspective will introduce you in a whole new way to the true home of your heart and the happy ending that makes all things well.