DISCover Your Team

Learn to identify your team’s unique style and how to increase their performance by:

  • Understanding You - Knowing how and why you do what you do provides invaluable insight into understanding your uniqueness and what value you bring to work, home and life.
  • Understanding Team - Identifying their Performance Style gives insight into when they perform best, what motivates them and where they best fit in the organization.
  • Communicating Better - By understanding the dynamics of each style, you can improve conversations by reducing hidden obstacles and reduce anxiety to clearly get your message across.

Improve Team Connection, Performance, and Engagement

Taking your team’s performance to the next level requires a shift in the way you interact with them.  By tailoring how you communicate with each team member, you can build new levels of trust, focus and engagement to encourage everyone to increase productivity and enjoyment at work.

What is DISC?

DISC measures observable behavior. Behaviors are considered to be the "how" of your life and are apparent in the things you do and how you act. DISC is the language of people watching, or observing other's actions. Behavioral characteristics are categorized into four dimensions of normal behavior, which are referred to as DISC:

  • D - Dominance
  • I - Influence
  • S - Steadiness
  • C - Conscientious

Workshop Objective

This workshops is designed to provide you and your team with an engaging and interactive learning experience to help everyone better understand their unique Performance style, see how they fit best within the team and help everyone improve their communication skills.

Who Would Benefit?

DISC Workshops are designed for leaders and groups wanting to improve team performance, communication, develop leaders, engage employees and build relationships.