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Before the Workshop

written by Dani Kreeft

Whenever we see visceral, tangible, actual transformation, we typically sprint to get in line behind that person to eat what they’re eating, to read what they’re reading, to go where they’re going. We stand there pining for our own clear before and after as we simply order with, “I’ll have what they’re having.”

That’s what brought me to this workshop.


My best friend had taken them, and I felt like I watched her slowly shift in front of my eyes. She was different.

And not hokey, woo-woo different, but she was walking in a freedom, a confidence, a rest that was palpable. Liberated is probably the best word for it – just completely liberated.

When she mentioned another one was coming up, my gut pounced on the chance.

Which, to be honest, is abnormal. I’m the best at coming up with reasons not to do workshops and conferences.










Too expensive

I can’t take the time off work.

Will it really do anything, change anything, shift anything? Ugh.

I don’t want to cry in front of strangers.

“Digging deep” can be so sappy, so cliché.

I’ll probably be fine without it. It’s just another workshop.

I don’t want to fly to Edmonton.

Eye roll. Eye roll. Eye roll.


And I never would’ve gone had I not paced with someone who was changing through what they were discovering and understanding and experiencing.

I can tell you that getting in line behind my friend and saying yes to this thing was life changing.

It blew all the excuses I could’ve had right out of the water.


If you're hungry for transformation, you're invited to our next workshop.

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