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Encounter Coaching Certification

Strata is proud to partner with Leadership Meta Formation (LMI) in offering new and existing coaches the ability to become certified in Encounter Coaching.

We focus on deep transformation--working with desires, beliefs and emotional memories by encountering Jesus--instead of coaching outward behavior. Pioneered by master coach Tony Stoltzfus (an author of 10 books on coaching who has trained over 1000 coaches), this innovative coaching method creates change from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

This is a full, rigorous certification program that's affordable, powerful, biblical and unique. Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • How to drill down to identify and transform beliefs, emotional memories and desires.
  • Coaching the emotional brain as well as the rational.
  • How to build life-changing encounters with Jesus into your coaching sessions.
  • Reframing a life story from heaven's perspective with the Seven Frames.
  • Quickly creating authentic atmospheres where people go deep.
  • How to help coachees engage feedback and conflict situations at the heart level.
  • Creating self-awareness of one's heart condition and what drives behavior.

What You Get
LMI training is also a great value. You get three powerful, three-and-half-day workshops with 8-weeks of team follow-up for each. Each workshop includes an amazing Taste of Heaven experience, lots of practice time, plenty of tools and models, and printed and bound manuals. We also have some great resources to help you succeed after your training: complete, royalty-free and DVD-based courses you can offer based on what you learned in the LMI program, training aids to help you coach, posters, presentation aids, and much more.

Why Choose LMI?
There are some great reasons to choose LMI's coaching certification program--and some reasons not to! LMI's program can be an excellent choice if:

  • You want to coach people's hearts and internal world.
  • You want Jesus to be an integral part of your coaching approach--and have him participate in the coaching conversation!
  • You are passionate about transformational change.
  • You want a serious, in-depth training program and not a two-day workshop.
  • You love training that is in-person, practical, interactive and experiential--and you hate talking heads!
  • You like wholistic approaches that deal with what holds people back from their past as well as the future they want.
  • You want to coach at least part of the time in the ministry world.
  • You love authenticity and forming life-long relationships.
  • You want personal contact with your instructors (we've got tons of that).
  • You want an approach to change that is deeply biblical, and not a port from the secular world.
  • You want a genuinely life changing training experience.

You may NOT want to choose LMI if:

  • You want to coach in corporate America (like Fortune 500 companies) or academia--they will probably want an ICF certification.
  • You plan to coach mostly in settings where it is inappropriate for God to be part of the conversation.
  • You mainly want to coach destiny discovery (we don't really teach you that).
  • You want business building to be part of the curriculum (we don't teach that, either).
  • You just want some skills; you don't want to engage your own heart issues.
  • You want an all-on-line program or are unable to travel to attend our workshops.

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