Cancellation Policy

For our core courses (Transforming the Heart, Relating From the Heart, Coaching the Heart and Living from the Heart) the following cancellation policy applies:

  • If you cancel more than three weeks (21 days) prior to the event, the cancellation fee is $50, unless you have had you phone interview for Living From the Heart (see next point).
  • If you cancel within three weeks of the start date of the event, or if you cancel after you have had your phone interview for Living From the Heart, the cancellation fee is $100.
  • Or, you may keep your registration but switch it to a different core workshop listed on our training calendar at another date. The fee to switch workshops is $35. You can do this a maximum of one time.

Upon cancellation, the balance of your registration will be refunded to you. We are not able to make exceptions for illnesses or emergencies.

How Come?
These courses require significant pre-work on the part of our staff, and we have a limit of 32 participants. When you cancel close to the event date we have to cover the expenses we've already incurred, plus we may not be able to resell the seat. 

Certification Fees
Certification fees which have been paid will not be refunded during or after a workshop, even if you decide you no longer wish to obtain certification. If a required workshop has not been attended and you cancel, we will refund the certification fee and registration cost less the cancellation fee specified above. We understand that sometimes life changes and people aren’t able to do what they had planned, but we also hope you understand that our workload doesn’t change for events that have already transpired. 

How to Cancel a Registration
Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you need to cancel.