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Relating From The Heart

Strata has the privilege of partnering with Leadership Meta Formation (LMI) and Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus to offer Relating from the Heart.  Relational Transformation is about allowing God to speak to your heart through others. One of the primary ways God builds us and gets our attention is through hearing words of life from the body of Christ. Leadership Meta Formation's Relating from the Heart Course focuses on several main areas:

  • Transparency: Building authentic relationships and leading from transparency.
  • Affirmation/Validation: Learning to open our heart's desires authentically to others and receive as they speak words of life to the depths of our being.
  • Challenging Forward: Confrontation tends to turn out negative because it looks backward at what you did to me. But there's a better way. Challenging forward calls others to their best in a way that preserves relationship and produces real change.
  • Building a Feedback Culture: How to build feedback, transparency and honest communication into organizational cultures.
Covering areas like challenging forward instead of confronting, speaking to blind spots, healthy feedback, speaking words of life and more, this course will revolutionize your relationships and greatly deepen your experience of God through his people.

Relating from the Heart 
includes a 3-1/2 day encounter workshop, 8 weeks of coached small-group follow-up. During the opening workshop we'll explore how God engages the heart through relationships, using the arts, music, relational encounters with God, and more. Combining scriptural principles with brain science, intercession with activation, and presented using an innovative mix of demonstration and debriefing, learning games, and hands-on practice, this workshop shows how to take relationships to a depth few regularly experience.

In week eight of the small group follow-up your teammates will help you practice key skills and keep you on track as you implement what you are learning in real-life situations.

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