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Questions For Jesus

What if everyone in your church or small group heard Jesus speak personally to them, saying how much he loved, admired, longed for and was proud of them? And what if that happened every day?

That’s what the Questions for Jesus Workshop is designed to do: walk you through an amazing encounter where you learn to talk with Jesus on the level of your God-given desires (things like belonging, significance, worth or approval). Praying your desire takes you far beyond an average prayer life, into a conversation where Jesus speaks life directly to your deepest longings.

Built around the book Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this workshop is not meant to be taught, but experienced. Instead of sitting passively and listening, you’ll be hands-on from the start, practicing new ways to talk to Jesus, journaling and discussing what He said. As you grow in confidence in your ability to hear, each question for Jesus will spur a new heart-level conversation that makes your relationship come to life.

Praying your desire isn’t rocket science, either: in fact, it is amazingly simple and powerful. You won’t need a ton of self-discipline to do it, it doesn’t take long to learn, and Jesus will never have a cross word for you.

There are only two things you need. The first is a simple shift: from praying for something in this world (like to know your destiny) to asking for the desire that something represents (for instance, a longing to be valuable and significant in Father’s eyes). The second shift is to simply believe what you hear and write it down. That’s it. We’ll show you how those two steps can radically change your conversation with Jesus in ten minutes a day.

And in the process, the Questions for Jesus Workshop will take your friendships with each other to a new depth of transparency. There’s nothing like sharing what Jesus says he likes about each of you draw you together.

So join the Questions for Jesus journey! You can have the intimacy with Jesus you’ve always longed for—right now.

    To register for our upcoming Questions for Jesus workshop click here.  Or call us at 587-335-6392 to discuss setting up a class for your group.