After the MetaFormation Workshop...

written by Dani Kreeft

Knowledge without practice or application gets lost -- it falls flat. It becomes another thing someone told you once or a note you made in your phone with the intention of coming back to it. The words start to fade because there isn’t any action tied to them, no real tread marks on our mind that make them real.  

So when our facilitator let us know we’d have small coaching teams to walk out the next two months after conference with, I was relieved. “Yes! People to hold me accountable, to keep me going, to make sure I’m taking big bites. This is gonna be great.”

And I’ve gotten that – it’s kept my feet forward leaning into the process – but it’s deepened the experience in a way that feels so much more permanent than if I’d just had the 3.5 workshop days and walked away alone.

On one of the calls, I was elaborating on something I was up to my neck in quicksand with. After a minute, someone asked,”How might God be using this to prepare you for the audience He’s called you to serve?"

I immediately felt lighter. I could see it.

“Empathy…” I answered. “I have no authority where I have no experience, so if going through this will serve as a salve for anyone else going through the same thing, then I get it.”

Someone else piped in with, “What if God is positioning you in this painful thing so you can stand on the rooftops of cinema and story and shout about restored intimacy and true vulnerability because you’ve been there, you’ve felt it?”

I sighed with relief. The scale they spoke to lifted me out of some of that well-worn self-affliction and dropped me back into some bigger context, back into a heavenly perspective.

And that’s what the team coaching calls have been for our team. Not just practice and accountability, but true insight and relief and understanding. It’s like we’re gathering around what’s being built in each of us and using all our collective resources to get to work, to dig in for the sake of the others.

The interesting thing is, we don’t exactly hunt for opportunities to be uncomfortable or vulnerable or exposed. As a culture, we’re not eager to sit with one another and admit we’re stuck, caught, confused, lost, afraid or overwhelmed. But there isn’t a better place for it than this.

I didn’t want to walk away from another conference with a book full of scribbled notes, some good intentions and a distinguishable high that my life was now going to be different. I wanted it to actually be different this time.

And it is.



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