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Christian workshops that give you practical tools and bring you closer to God in the process.

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- Busy, but not sure you're very effective?

- Discouraged, wondered if you're actually making a difference?

- Frustrated, wishing for more evidence of transformation in yourself and those you lead?

- Alone, wishing you had peers to process life with?

- Dry, hoping that God would speak to you in a more profound way?


- Long to be more strategic in what you do.

- Want to invest in eternal change.

- Crave greater vibrancy and intimacy in your walk with Jesus and want to help others do the same.

Make A Difference in those you lead

Experience It.

As adults we learn best through experience.  That's why our workshops are filled with powerful God encounters where you will experience God speaking to your heart.  The best part is these encounters are not limited to the workshop.  We want you, and those you lead to experience God all the time.

Apply it.

Imagine going to an all day workshop on free throw shooting but never actually picking up a basketball or stepping foot on court. You probably wouldn’t get any better; in fact you’d probably get worse. That’s why all of our workshops are filled with real life, in the moment application that you can take and apply immediately.


Live it.

How often have you attended a seminar and thought, “This is going to change my life,” only to return home and never look at the stuff again? Our workshops are designed with and include peer follow up groups so that you can continue to apply the new skills you learn giving you 4.5 times the retention therefore drastically increasing your impact.

Leading Can Be Challenging

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For me as a pastor, the best thing was the seven frames. I was so blown away by this and honestly think that this is one of the most helpful tools I've ever been given for walking alongside someone in the midst of pain or processing past pain.

These workshops have transformed my leadership in a profound way.

Daunavan Buyer | Pastor | McKernan Baptist Church

The material exceeded my expectations and I am so happy to be able to use my new skills to help people in our spheres of influence. I use it with our kids, leading our team members at work and helping people we minister to at church as elders and life group leaders. I am forever grateful for the workshops and the work God has done in me and through me! 

Genevieve Ford | Owner | Hope Chiropractic

I expected there to be some new perspectives on dealing with issues, some good hands on practice, some healing and go home......not even close! That and more actually happened in the first 3 hours of the course.  Crazy over the top experience. Awesome!

Randy Riske

I'm excited to use these tools as I mentor and coach young ladies.

Janelle Conn | Executive Director | Moose Lake Pentecostal Camp

Prior to these workshops I felt isolated as a leader. But since attending it’s put me on a path to teach and council others more effectively by empowering them and helping them encounter Jesus on their own without me being the mediator.

Des Belford | Family Group / Pastoral Care Leader | The Summit Church

I’m now able to work through problems significantly faster and help identify what are my issues and what are others.

Greg Frost | Pastor | UChurch

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Our Philosophy To Equip You

At Strata Coach Ltd. we know that you want to be a leader who makes a difference. In order to do that, you need to be able to touch people’s hearts. The problem is that most leaders only deal with external behavior which makes you feel frustrated and ineffective. We believe that lasting change only happens when God changes a person’s heart. We understand heart change can feel impossible which is why we have created the Encounter Coaching Workshops and have helped hundred’s of leaders around the world do just that.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Enroll in the Encounter! workshops.

2. Learn practical tools that can be used right away within your sphere of influence.

3. Watch the transformation take place.

So, register today. And in the meantime, enjoy our free PDF The 5 Secrets of Great Christian Leaders. So you can stop feeling frustrated and ineffective and instead be a leader who makes a lasting difference.