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Strata means multiple layers or levels.  At Strata we like to engage at every level.  From a rational level to a deep emotional level.  We have found that lasting change is much easier when the rational brain and emotional brain want the same thing and are moving in the same direction.

Strata offers strategic life coaching services as well as a series of transformational workshops. The answers to achieving lasting change are most often found inside of you, and it is our job to help you find them.  Many times we ask ourselves the same questions expecting different answers.  Or we try to discipline ourselves to do something but can never seem to achieve what we set out to do.

One of the reasons change can be so difficult is because what we think we want doesn't line up with our true hearts desires. Through our unique approach to coaching we are able to help identify what those heart desires are and then get them filled in a healthy way.  Once the desires are fulfilled, much of the change happens naturally.

Our workshops take things one step further, teaching you not only how to identify and fill desire for yourself but also in others.  You will leave feeling equipped to see change happen in your own life and know how to help others do the same.